The Freundeskreis provides active help for the Görlitz nature conservation zoo

Founded in February 1992, registered under No. 334 in the register of associations at the Dresden district court. The association is recognized as a non-profit in the sense of tax law.

The Görlitz nature conservation zoo is supported and supported in every suitable way. This is done through the procurement of financial resources, ideal support in the implementation of tasks in nature conservation, education etc. and the organization of a club life (including events and excursions).

Since the Freundeskreis was founded, more than 250,000 euros have been made available for projects at the Görlitz zoo, including for the otter, the panda and the rhesus monkey system, the Tibetan village, the grill pavilion and much more.

Infoflyer Freundeskreis Tierpark Görlitz e.V.


Since summer 2009,  „CICOlino“, the club for young zoo fans, has been an offer for school-age children and teenagers. You can look over the shoulder of the zookeeper and be very close to the animals in the zoo.

Your advantages as a member:

  • Comprehensive information about the zoo
  • free access to the Görlitz nature reserve
  • Special tours and lectures
  • Participation in excursions
  • Free copy of the CICONIA (annual publication of the animal park)


Freundeskreis Tierpark Görlitz e.V.
Zittauer Str. 43, 02826 Görlitz
Tel. 03581 66 93 000

Please transfer donations, other donations and contributions, stating the name and purpose, to the account of:

Freundeskreis Tierpark Görlitz e.V.

Institute: Sparkasse Oberlausitz-Lower Silesia
IBAN: DE71 8505 0100 0000 0127 00

We will issue you with a donation receipt ("donation receipt") on request. You can find the association's fee schedule in the information and registration flyers from Freundeskreis and CICOlino.

Freundeskreis Tierpark Görlitz e.V.
Gründung des Vereins 1992
Frühjahrsputz im Tierpark
Arbeitseinsatz Qishan-Voliere
Eröffnung des Sonnendecks
Besucherbetreuung zum Osterfest 2018
Besucherbetreuung zum Osterfest 2018
Allzeit beliebt - das Schokospiel

Annual plan 2020

11.03.2020 Annual general meeting
04.04.2020 Work assignment - spring cleaning
13.04.2020 Easter Monday booth Freundeskreis and helpers for zoo
06.05.2020 Travel report Gambia (C. and S. Hammer)
20.06.2020 Excursion to Wroclaw Zoo
10.07.2020 Barbecue evening with twilight tour through the zoo
13.09.2020 Tierparkfest Stand Freundeskreis and helpers for zoo
31.10.2020 HalloWien Coffee afternoon in the “Viennese way” with pictures from Vienna and the Schönbrunn zoo
10.11.2020 Lantern parade and Martin game in the zoo
05.12.2020 Christmas party / closing of CICOlino
09.12.2020 Christmas party / end of year circle of friends