The Kresna Gorge in the center of the Balkans

In this region the vultures have been extinct since 60 years

After such a long time the vultures are now to be resettled. Vultures are a long-living and slowly breeding bird species. It is therefore difficult for them to adapt to rapid changes in their environment.

The project team in Bulgaria

takes care of the 3 main problems:

Power lines are  enormously dangerous to many of the large birds. The project team was able to secure the most dangerous electricity pylons in the core area for the birds. In the region wolves cause numerous animal losses in the animal population which pushes farmers to theillegal use of poisonous baits. This is one of the main reasons for the decline in vulture populations worldwide.

The Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna

has developed a program

to compensate farmers for their losses, to prevent predator attacks and end the conflict between humans and predators. The farmers were supported by the provision of herd protection dogs. They also received sheep and goats from the project team.

Traditional cattle breeds

are well adapted to the landscape.

These breeds are insensitive to cold and resistant to wolves. This makes them ideal for breeding in this region. The Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna put together a herd of rodopi cattle. The cattle are kept extensively. With this model the project team would like to show the local farmers the advantages of these cattle.

Vulture restaurants

Local livestock breeders use the so-called vulture restaurants

to dispose of dead animals. This saves money for the removal of the carcasses and has advantages for the environment because otherwise the deceased animals would have to be incinerated in rendering plants which requires a lot of fuel.

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