Gold headed monkey

live in a small area

in the southern coastal region of Brazil and are listed as highly endangered by the IUCN.

Their habitat, the Mata Atlântica rainforest, is one of the most biodiverse and threatened areas on earth.

Today, only seven to twelve percent of them are intact.

In the action area

various family associations live from AMAP,

that have been observed and explore by biologists and other experts for many years. Through their work, much is known today about the way of life of these primates. The knowledge gained is used by the project team to implement specific measures to protect the habitat of the golden lion monkey.

Reforestation of protected areas

is an important measure

to preserve the habitat of the gold-headed lion monkey. Many forest areas are separated from each other by "corridors" that prevent the different groups of golden lion monkeys from coming together. Through the afforestation, connections between the isolated forest areas can be made, which enable the animals to overcome the previously treeless corridors.

Almada Mata Atlântica Project - AMAP

Die Aufforstung von Schutzgebieten in Brasilien hilft dabei, neuen Lebensraum für die Goldkopflöwenäffchen zu schaffen.

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Golden-headed lion monkeys, research: Markus Mauthe

Reforestation: Lars Richter