Would you like to support the zoo but do not have the necessary financial resources? No problem! You can help without money by e.g. advertising for us.

Support options

Give a smile!

As a zoo fan send a smile with your invoice or email!

Do you regularly send invoices? Complete them with a zoo smile or embellish your letters with zoo stamps. Alternatively attach an animal smile to your emails or mention us on your website.

The animal fence sign

Hang the zoo on the fence!

You live at an intersection or a busy street and are also a zoo fan? Then advertise with an animal fence sign! You can visit us with your family at any time in the zoo.

Banner & Roll-Up

Hang up the zoo!

Are you a zoo fan? Support us by promoting us.

Moving zoo

Great theft protection for your car!

Support the zoo and make your vehicle distinctive with animal stickers.

Turn your private car or your company car into a unique vehicle! With panda, alpaca, Chinese parakeet, griffon vulture and Co. your car becomes something very special. Not only will you immediately find your vehicle in any parking lot this eye-catcher will also deter car thieves.