Germany's first three-room apartment for rabbits

Rabbits in small boxes? Not with us! Our "rabbit world" was completed in 2015 and it not only offers much more space for the animals. The indoor facilities are designed like 3-storey apartments with digging, living and dining rooms as well as a 5m² balcony - plenty of space for the rabbits to pursue their natural behavior such as hopping, digging and playing with each other! The facility is accessible to our visitors and therefore extremely popular with children. You are welcome to watch and stroke extensively here. And if our rabbits need a break they have a variety of hiding and retreat options.

How a rabbit feels in the conventional husbandry can be tested in our own zoo. According to the law the minimum space for keeping are 0.12 m² per rabbit which is the equivalent to just the area of an A3 sheet. In livestock farming economic aspects have priority over animal welfare which is why such conditions are common. Unfortunately, rabbits do not live more comfortably in many private households, and some even have to live alone. In our "children's cage" we have adjusted the size to a 10-year-old child. Entering is expressly welcome here! That way we want to raise the awareness of the needs of the little Hoppler.

Our domestic rabbits on their balcony
Our domestic rabbits on their balcony
In addition to hopping, sleeping and playing, food intake should not be neglected.
The walk-in area invites you to pet and observe.
The walk-in "children's cage" - That is how some (poor) rabbits feel!
Slid straight into the rabbit world from the explorer's barn!