"Education for Sustainable Development" is the title of the current UNESCO World Action Program. Since 2005, the goal has been to anchor sustainable development as a guiding principle in all areas of education in order to be able to solve global problems such as climate change, poverty or overexploitation of nature.

The aim is to enable people to develop their society fairly and in a sustainable way and to find behaviors and lifestyles that make life in other regions of the world and future generations worth living. In order to be able to always include the consequences for other people, nature and the future when making personal decisions, the knowledge of connections is necessary.

                                             As a nature conservation zoo, BNE is very important in our daily work.

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Milk playground

In addition to various formal zoo-educational offers on ESD, the projectt "Sustainable Agriculture in Tibet and Germany" was created, which was funded by the scholarship program of the German Federal Environmental Foundation."It shows impressively what future-oriented education can look like. The jury's vote honors the project because it clearly explains how people act sustainably," said Prof. Dr. Gerhard de Haan, chairman of the National Committee and the jury of the UN Decade in

WWF species protection case

The species conservation case is on loan from the WWF to 150 non-school environmental education institutions across Germany, including the Görlitz-Zgorzelec nature conservation zoo. It contains numerous evidence items that were confiscated by customs and given to the WWF for educational purposes. The aim is to make biodiversity understandable and tangible for young people and to sensitize them to the problems of poaching and trade in endangered species.


In the zoo, the conservation case is regularly used for public events and for special education offers.  We are happy to lend the case to schools for project work.


ESD-Games RENN.mitte

RENN.mitte is one of four regional network centers for sustainability strategies in Germany. These network actors and initiatives for sustainable development, bundle social dialogue, enable exchange of experience and provide impulses for social change.

In this context, three games were developed which serve to communicate the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  in a playful manner. A complete set was made available to the Görlitz-Zgorzelec nature conservation zoo for their own educational purposes and for rental to other educational institutions .

RENN.mitte provides information on the individual games on its own website