Our partners and certifications:

Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo sees itself not only as a recreational facility but more as a small park. It is important to us to make our contribution to research, nature and species conservation. That is why we are a member of the most important zoological organizations and associations. Of course this is not entirely possible. A number of local partners support us in this.

DTG (Deutsche Tierpark Gesellschaft)

EEP (european endangered species programme)

ZGAP (Zoologische Gesellschaft für Arten- und Populationsschutz)

EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria)

EAZA is the association of scientifically managed zoological gardens and aquariums in Europe.

WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums)

The "World Zoo Association" or WAZA is the international association of zoological gardens and aquariums with the aim of supporting animal husbandry, environmental education and worldwide species conservation.

VDZ (Verband der Zoologischen Gärten e.V.)

The Association of Zoological Gardens (VDZ) unites the scientifically managed zoos in German-speaking countries as well as their managers and scientific staff.

VZP (Verband deutschsprachiger Zoopäda-gogen e.V.)

One of the most important tasks of the professional association of German-speaking zoo educators (VZP) is to educate them about environmental, nature and species conservation. This includes working with both school classes and zoo visitors in general.

Stiftung Artenschutz

The Species Conservation Foundation is a joint initiative of respected zoological gardens, animal parks and nature conservation organizations with the aim of preserving endangered species, for which there has not yet been sufficient financial support, and to protect their original habitats.

GEH - Archepark

The Society for the Conservation of Old and Endangered Pet Breeds e.V. (GEH) is the only association that deals nationwide with the living conservation of old pet breeds.

Familiefreundliche Einrichtungen

Families recognize family-friendly facilities in Saxony at first glance from the visible "family badge". There are among other things for child-friendly leisure activities, space to play in the hotel or for children's dishes in the restaurant. The family badge is a sign of certified quality.

Freizeitknüller der Oberlausitz

The "leisure blockbuster of Upper Lusatia" are the highlights of the leisure activities in the border triangle Germany - Poland - Czech Republic.

Kulturinsel Einsiedel

The 5-hectare adventure wilderness of the green-curled adventure leisure park "Kulturinsel Einsiedel" with adventure nights, magic castle, over 500m underground secret passages, tree houses of all kinds, tree-top path, toddler adventure wilderness with dollhouse, pirate ship, meander valley, animals from all over the world and much more offer an exceptional place for young and old.

Upper Lusatia-Lower Silesia Cultural Area

Funded by the Upper Lusatia-Lower Silesia Cultural Area.

city of Görlitz

Funded by the city of Görlitz.

district of Görlitz

Funded by the district of Görlitz.

Stadt Görlitz

Funded by the city of Görlitz.

Unsere Nachbarstadt Zgorzelec.

A strong partner in our German-Polish projects.

Gemeinde Zgorzelec

Our neighboring community. A partner who strongly supports us in joint projects.

Stadtwerke Görlitz

The regional energy and environmental service provider.

Sparkasse Görlitz

The financial advisors with competence for Görlitz and surroundings.

Kommwohnen Service GmbH

has been known as the WBG housing association in Görlitz for over 20 years. They also support us eagerly.

GVB - Im Takt mit Görlitz

Local public transport for a green city!

Stahl- und Metallbau Weiner

Our company is based on 125 years of family tradition and experience, coupled with commitment and technical know-how. Our specialties are individual steel construction, decorative stairs, balcony systems and signal boxes made of stainless steel.


Schkade Tierfutter

Auch ein Tierpark braucht eine funktionierende EDV

INFOTECH GmbH is one of the leading IT service providers in Saxony and Brandenburg. The system house in Görlitz and Dresden has been developing concepts for IT infrastructures for over 23 years - plans, installs and operates networks, hardware and software solutions, and even entire data centers. INFOTECH offers these services across Germany through the FNEXT network.

AsgardSoft GmbH

AsgardSoft GmbH offers apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as individual software solutions in the B2B area. No matter whether old or young, our casual games have something for everyone.

Radio Lausitz

On Radio Lausitz you can hear the most important news for and from Lausitz, the regional weather and all the latest information about traffic jams and speed cameras in the broadcast area every day.

Saurierpark Kleinwelka

Stahl- und Metallbau Weiner

City Jelenia Góra

A partner that supports in international projects (for example Hello Baby)

Dinopark Szklarska Poreba

Termy Cieplickie

Villa GRETA Dobkow

Family-friendly and family-run slow food restaurant and hotel in Poland.

Netzwerk Natur Sachsen

Zoo Wrocław

Naturschutzstation Östliche Oberlausitz