The nature conservation zoo in Görlitz is carrying out a number of species conservation projects in Lusatia with various partners.

Hoopoe - nest box construction

The hoopoe is rarely found in our room. By offering nesting aids, we help to increase the stock here in Lusatia.

Existing incubators are maintained and new ones are built.


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Wild bees - animal park

The peaceful wild bees are extremely important for nature and deserve our special protection.

These irreplaceable animals are offered a habitat in the Görlitz zoo. You can find out how you can help the wild bees here:

Stork - restoration of Stork's nest

To support the storks in our region, the zoo Storchenhorste is building and renovating.


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Owl - nesting aids

Our owls also suffer from the decline in natural nesting opportunities. By offering nesting aids, we create alternatives that are used by the tawny owl and barn owl - and occasionally kestrels also feed.

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Frog - amphibian protection fence

Amphibians are particularly at risk during the toad migration.

Help protect amphibians from certain death on busy roads and ensure their survival in the wild.


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Trafohaus - Upper Lusatia

Empty transformer houses are being restored and become a refuge for various wild animals.

Storks, bats, falcons, owls, swallows, insects, hedgehogs and toads find a safe habitat for rearing their offspring on many floors.

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