Become a part of our enclosure for Tibetan blue bear

Together, we fill the 800 puzzle pieces with color and the enclosure with life. 

How does it work? It's easy. Donate your amount (minimum commitment is one puzzle piece for 200€, you can also buy multiple pieces at the same time, but the donation must be divisible by 200€)

This way you will become a part of our heart project "Threatened Tibetan bears for Görlitz".

The special thing about it: Your name will be next to your puzzle and on the enclosure.

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or transfer us money: 

Bank details 

IBAN: DE07 8505 0100 0000 0122 03

Sparkasse Oberlausitz Niederschlesien

Amount: 200 €

Title: Donation Puzzle Tibetan bear enclosure (+the name that you want to be mentioned on the puzzle and later on the enclosure)

For a certificate and a donation receipt, we need the donor's full address. 

With the transfer, you agree to your name being mentioned. 

Would you like to remain anonymous? Then please write us at

You need advice or help with the transfer? Then write us a short e-mail at and we will reach out to you.


Puzzle structure
Puzzle structure

We would like to thank our puzzle supporters!

Katja und Carsten Liebig

Annelies Windeck-Kölzer und Thomas Kölzer

Catrin und Dr. Sven Hammer

Patrick Keidel, Claudia und Lia Herrmann

Frank Marklowsky

Cordula und Horst Preuß, Görlitz

Görlitzer Gleis- und Tiefbau GmbH

Stephanie und Ben Wähner

Toni Pfeiffer

Schkade Landhandel GmbH

Gisela Tews

Lars Bartel

Thomas Kölzer

5€, 25€, 100€

every donation helps!

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