Thanks to the modernization

of the electricity networks, transformer houses are no longer required.

Cables run underground and only small boxes are available as distributors. As a result, many transformer towers are demolished.

Wildlife hotel

Many transformer houses are located somewhat away from villages and are therefore in an ideal location to serve as a wildlife hotel.

In our modern world, it is difficult for many wild animals to find suitable places to shelter and to raise youngsters. A converted transformer house offers many options for wild guests. There is a stork nest on the roof. Falcons, owls and bats find refuge in the roof structure.

Nesting boxes

Various nesting boxes on the outside of the building provide a home for various bird species and bats.

Nesting aids for wild bees and other insects also find their place here.

The space under the eaves is often used by swallows.

Lower floor

Even at ground level there are interested parties for a protected living space.

With a few modifications around the transformer house, grass snakes, hedgehogs, toads and slow worms find a place to stay for the winter.

The habitat gained in and around the transformer house is maintained and maintained by the Görlitz zoo.

Pictures: Igel - Alexas_Fotos, Schwalben - Eismannhans

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