Godfather for the hoopoe

Sponsorship funds are used to maintain the existing incubators and to build new ones.

In the meantime, 70 nesting boxes have been created by the sponsorships. Part of the donation money goes into the regular nest controls.

The hoopoe

is found again in our region only for 10 years.

It is all the more gratifying that the incubators are well received. The regular nesting checks have shown that there are currently 25 breeding pairs in the area we look after. This is a very satisfactory number for the zoo and the Nochten area.


lie flat on the floor for sunbathing.

They spread their wings and tail and pull their heads back. In the past, this was viewed as a special camouflage position.

When a bird of prey suddenly appears, it should dissolve the bird's body contours so that it is overlooked.


live up to eleven years

they are sexually mature at one year. On average, a brood comprises 3-8 eggs, of which about 6 are raised and flown out.

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