Certifications and Awards


Family-friendly leisure facility

At first glance families can recognize family-friendly facilities in Saxony by the visible "family badge". Among other institutions these are given to other leisure activity offers suitable for children, playing spaces or for children's meals in restaurants. The family badge is a sign of tested quality and is awarded by the TMGS Tourismius Marketing Gesellschaft Sachsen mbH.

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Family-friendly offers:

  • walk-in enclosures
  • farm
  • Lusatian Valley with an adventure trail
  • Tibetan village with authentically recreated houses and animals typical for the country
  • discovery barn with an indoor playground
  • rabbit world, tube slide
  • UNESCO-awarded domestic animal playground
  • adventure bridge and educational games
  • pony, camel, yak or cow riding at special events
  • exhibition "Calttering Stork" and special exhibitions
  • By prior arragngement: guided tours, butter making, tsampa production (Tibetan dish), children`s birthdays, barbecue pavilion, lessons, animal riding


2020 Tourism Innovation Award

The new kangaroo facility including the themed playground and the evnt toilet won in the category Culture & Leisure. "This was a tribute to the continuous creative and innovative work of the Görlitz zoo team which always focuses on the encounter between animals and humans. The kangaroo facility has become a visitor magnet in an area of the zoo that had not received much attention so far."

2019 Saxon Participation Funds

For the Saxon Participation Funds the Free State of Saxony was looking for ideas that would help to promote structual change including in the lignitite mining region of Lusatia.The project ideas of Nature Conservation Zoo Görlitz "With the green line through Görlitz" (tram), "Video technology for nesting boxes" (zoo-TV), "Zoo-Infomobile" and "Species conservation monitors for the visualzation of environmental education in the zoo". 

The measure was co-financed by tax revenue on the basis of the budget which was decided by the members of the Saxon federal state parliament.

2019 On 4th place of German zoos

The German product test online portal "testberichte.de" evaluated over 420,000 Google reviews from a total of 158 German zoos. Visitors of Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo ranked the zoo an average of 4.7 stars which is the nationwide peak! Since the zoos with the same ratings were also evaluated by the number of ratings Zoo Görlitz places 4th right after Leipzig Zoo, Animal Park Olderdissen and the Bird park in Marlow which were also rated 4.7 stars.

2014 UNESCO-Award of the Milk Playground

Our milk playground "Sustainable Agriculture in Tibet/ Germany" was awarded by the German UNESCO commission as a project of the UN-decade "Education for Sustainable Development" because it "impresively shows how sustainable education can look. The Jury's vote praises the project because "it makes it understandable how people can act sustainibly". That is how Prof. Dr Gerhard de Haan who is the chairman of the National Committee and the Jury of the UN-decade in Germany described it.

milk playground

2008 best "small zoo"

In the "big zoo test" by the German magazine "Stern" Zoo Görlitz got first place in the category "smaller zoos". Within 10 weeks over 50 zoos were tested. Animal husbandry was the most important criterion of the ranking. It makes up 80 percent of the grade. The design of the zoo was included by 10 percent- i.e. the overall impression of the facility. Visitor services i.e. catering, playgrounds and sanitary facilities accounted for the last 10 percent.

2004 14th place out of 500 for animal husbandry and species conservation

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are about 500 zoos and animal gardens. According to an assessment by Greenpeace (Greenpeace Magazin 04/2004) Görlitz-Zgorzelec Nature Conservation Zoo landed on the 14th plce directly behind Leipzig Zoo in terms of the animal living conditions and its commitment to the conservation of species.

Information about our species conservation projects