Vacation at Zoo Görlitz - an unforgettable experience for nature friends!

Let the peacocks' calls wake you up, stretch first and watch the lively banded mongooses from the window. After a leisurely breakfast, you head straight to the zoo, because there is so much to discover here! Experience animals up close, enjoy the morning silence in the hayloft, interrupted only by the chirping of birds and the pleasurable chewing sound of camels. Pet rabbits, brush goats and explore the discovery barn... or spend half an hour helping the animal keepers with their daily feeding round and look over their shoulders (from 2 nights, more information and appointment after arrival).

After an exciting morning, the appetite starts to show. For lunch, the feeding station offers delicious meals made from regional organic products. On the sun deck with a panoramic view of the Tibetan village and the adjacent milk playground, potato wedges and the like taste even better.

In the afternoon, the public animal feedings and presentations are on the programme. During an informative guided tour or an exclusive animal encounter with the kangaroos or red pandas, you learn a lot about the life of the zoo animals behind the scenes.

After this intense day, the sofa in your holiday home is calling. Before everyone goes to bed, happy and exhausted, you take a short walk through the park in the late afternoon, saying good night to all the animals.

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