The rendez-vous of your life!

Animals up close - that is the motto that is actively lived in the Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo! At many corners there is the possibility to feed the animals with food provided by the zoo which is completely free of charge. Many animals can be visited directly in their facilities and the innovative enclosure design enables encounters at eye level.

However, not every animal species is suitable for keeping in a walk-in facility. The safety of visitors and the well-being of our animals always have the highest priority.

In a controlled setting under the supervision of a zookeeper however, a lot is possible beyond the "normal zoo visit"! Enter the enclosure of your favorite animal and get first-hand information about everyday life and the peculiarities of the protégés! And with a little luck you can feel a warm, soft fur or a smooth nose ...


The animal encounters require approx. 30 minutes of your time.
Please understand that our animals always determine how much proximity is good for them.
To make this exclusive experience possible for you 1 to a maximum of 2 people can participate (minimum age 8 years).
The price per person is plus admission.



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A special kind of encounter...

Red Pandas

Take a deep look at the stars of the zoo Görlitz and understand why their discoverer Frederic Cuvier thought they were the most beautiful mammals in the world! Take part in the daily care of the animals and let yourself be carried away into the world of the mountain slopes of the Himalayas ...

Price: 299 € / 1-2 people plus admission

-  Attention, this animal encounter is only possible from October 1st to April 30th and only during feeding hours! -

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Eastern Grey Kangaroos

Take a look behind the scenes and find out what needs to be taken in consideration in a modern enclosure design! What do the kangaroos get to eat? How do the noise-sensitive animals spend New Year's Eve? And do they dare to eat out of your hand?

Price: 119 € / 1-2 people plus admission

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Banded Mongoose

... are curious animals! Feed and spend time with these lively predators together with a zoo-keeper and let them inspect you. There is a lot to learn about the special features of the new facility and the group structure of its inhabitants. And how do animal keepers actually keep an overview of all animals here?

Price: 119 € / 1-2 people plus admission

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Bactrian Camel

... can be much more sensitive than their name suggests. Not only are they masters of the adaptation to life in the semi-desert but thanks to around 4,500 years of domestication they are also motivated training partners. You can learn the basic principles of positive reinforcement with our animal trainer, practice them on our trampled animals and experience the magic of a real dialogue between humans and animals!

Price: 69 € / 1-2 people plus admission

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Domestic donkey

Our exclusive donkey encounter offers you the opportunity to groom, lead, and train these lovable animals. Discover the gentle and intelligent nature of donkeys.

Price: €49 / 1-2 people plus admission

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