What is it?

Hello baby is a cooperation beetwen Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec and surrounding communities. New parents receive free entry to the zoo for a year. Exactly one annual ticket for an adult can be redeemed. Of course, the baby comes in for free, as entry to the zoo is generally free for the children up to the age of three!

Who takes part in this project?

Participating cities in Germany are Görlitz, Bautzen, Löbau and in Poland Zgorzelec, Boleslawiec and Luban. 

How can I get the Hello Baby annual ticket? 

You will receive the voucher gift for an adult annual ticket together with the birth certificate at the registry office or for the birth in the hospital. Exactly one adult annual ticket can be redeemed per newborn child.

When and for how long can I redeem my Hello Baby Coupon?

There is time to redeem it during the entire first year of the baby's life - so you can wait until your little one is a little older and experiences the visit even more consciously.

To redeem, send an email with your name, registry office, birth certificate number and date of birth to Hallo-baby@tierpark-goerlitz.de. Please note that processing may take a few days.

What is the thought behind "Hello Baby"?

The main goal of this welcome gift is to create emotional closeness to the animals and show our conservation concerns to the people in the region. Thanks to this, our Zoo makes a significant contribution to the protection of species, not only by protecting many endangered animal species.