Alpine ibex


Alpine ibex (Capra ibex ibex)

Well armed

All ibexes have horns - with lengths up to one metre the males' ones get especially large. They serve primarliy for communication with conspecifics. During the late summer the males use their horns to perform courtship displays to impress herds of 10 to 20 females and young animals. They do so by getting up on their hind legs, dropping down forward and colliding with the horns with loud crashing. The winner stays with the herd during the winter, mates with the females and leaves the group in the spring.


Category: Mammal

Size: head to barrel ♂ 140-170 cm, ♀ 75-115 cm

Age: 14 years

Sexually mature: ♂ with 2 years, ♀ with 2,5 years

gestation period: 165-170 days

food: grass, herbs, little wooden plants

habitat: steep, richly structured and rocky slopes between 1600 and 3200m above sea level

Danger: not endangered

distribution area