Alpaca (Vicugna pacos)

From wool provider to therapy animal

3000 years ago the first alpacas were bred for their wool. The ancestral breed of alpacas are vicuñas which live in the high alpine areas of the Andes. Since alpaca wool is very soft the Incas called it the "fleece of the gods". Unlike sheep wool it does not contain any lanolin and is therefore suitable for people with allergies.
Nowadays in Germany alpacas are not only kept for their wool. Thanks to their gentle and calming character they are also used in animal assisted therapy.


Category: Mammal

Weight: ♂ 60-80 kg; ♀ 55 kg

Sexually mature: 1-2 years

gestation period: 12 months, usually a young, exceptionally also twins are born

food: grass, herbs, leaves

Power: alpacas are bred for their fine wool

Way of life: just like all camels alpacas are social animals and feel most comfortable in groups

Danger: not endangered

distribution: South America (Chile, Bolivia, Peru)

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