Alpine marmot


Alpine marmot (Marmota marmota)

Specialists for tunnel construction 

Alpine marmots spend the majority of their lives underground in self-dug burrows especially during their seven month long hibernation. They have large paws with strong claws for digging. Using their front legs or teeth they loosen the soil and throw it behind them with their strong hind legs. Because their burrows are built over generations there are large mounds of earth in front of the entrances. Alpine marmots usually stay close to one of the numerous entrances in order to quickly escape from predators.


Category: Mammal

Size: head to barrel 38-50 cm, tail 4.5-7.5 cm

Age: 10 years

Sexually mature: within 3-8 month

gestation period: 28-34 days

food: leaves, flowers, a variety of herbs and grasses, including poisonous plants

habitat: forest-free areas at 800 to 3200m above sea level, alpine mats, rocky terrain

Danger: not endangered

distribution area