Golden-headed lion tamarin


Golden-headed lion tamarin (Leonthopithecus chrysomelas)

Child raising is a family matter

The reproduction of this species which belongs to the callitrichidae is very interesting. Golden-headed lion tamarins are very social animals that live in small groups of about 2 to 11 individuals. However, only one female is able to reproduce. Pheromones supress the cycle of the remaining females in the group. The offspring is therefore "exclusive" and is cared for by the whole group: older siblings and especially the father carry the offspring (usually 2) around on their backs. The mother only takes them for feeding. Rearing the offspring all together helps the lactating mothers to stay fit.

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Category: Mammal

Weight: 500-600g

Size: 20-34 cm + 30-40cm tail

Age: 12-18 years

Sexually mature: 18-24 month

gestation period: 120-130 days, often twin births

food: fruits, insects, flowers, nectar, tree sap, small vertebrates

habitat: primary lowland rainforests, higher-lying forests

Way of life: diurnal, dwelling in trees

Danger: highly endangered (IUCN 2008) by habitat destruction, fragmentation, urbanization

Breeding program: There is a European Conservation Breeding Program (EEP) in which Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo takes part

distribution: Brazil, Southeast of the state of Bahia

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