Domestic guinea pig


Domestic guinea pig (Cavia porcellus)

Well squeaked but yet no pig

These little rodents actually owe their name to the fact that they were brought from South America to Europe on ships of seafarers and their voives resemble the squeaking of small piglets. The communication between the animals varies. They "chuckle", "whistle" and "squeak". By squeaking they get in touch, they call for their mother. Domestic guinea pigs also squeak when they are being fed by the zoo keepers. Guinea pigs are very social animals and should therefore not be kept alone. Before purchasing a guinea pig you should find out about their needs and requirements. We are happy to inform you and give you tips!


Category: Mammal

Stem type: wild guinea pigs 400 years ago

Weight: 0,7 kg – 1,8 kg

gestation period: 65 days

feed: green fodder, hay, vegetables, bark

Power: domestic animal in this country, South America meat supplier

distribution: South America