Domestic rat


Domestic rat (Rattus rattus)

Intelligent animals under our roof

The domestic rat comes from the tree-dwelling form from Southern Europe. Even today they still nest in trees. As a synanthrophic species they now live in herds of up 60 animals more frequently in barns, dry attics and granaries. Domestic rats are very curious and playful. They react cautiously to danger and climb up objects. When they find a new food source only one of them tries the food alone first.

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Category: Mammal

Size: head to barrel 18-22 cm; tail 18.5-24 cm

Age: 3 years

Sexually mature: with 2-3 month

gestation period: 23-24 days

food: preferably vegetable food, fruits, seeds, insects, eggs, small animals

habitat: close to people, houses and attics, in forests, on trees, in fields, in dry, warm areas

Danger: not endangered