Domestic cattle


Domestic cattle (Bos primigenius taurus)

German black pied cattle

This cow was bred in the North Marshes of Friesland. From 1965 onwards the crossing of Holstein Fresian from North Ameica began in the old German federal states. In The former DDR in 1970 90% of the cows were black pied. After 1970 the cows were crossed with Jersey and Holstein Frisian in a Three-breed crossing to black pied dairy cattle.


Category: Mammal

Stem type: aurochs 10,000 years ago

Weight: ♂ 1000-1500 kg; ♀ 500-650 kg

gestation period: 9 month

feed: grass, hay, silage, beets, cereals

Power: milk output of 5000 kg; suitable as dual-use cattle (milk - meat) for suckler and nurse cattle for grassland locations in the lowlands.

Danger: endangered