Persian gazelle


Persian gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa subgutturosa)

Antelope with a thick neck

The Persian gazelle is an Asian gazelle species. It owes its name to a chondroid thickening on the neck of the males wich swells up during the rut in autumn. The function of this "goiter" is attributed to acoustic enhancement.


Category: Mammal

Weight: weight 25-35 kg

Size: shoulder height 50-65 cm

Age: 10-14 years

Sexually mature: 9 month, 18 month

gestation period: 5-6 months, often twin births, young animals are offspring

food: grasses, herbs, leaves and shoots

habitat: steppes, deserts and semi-deserts, also mountainous terrain. Long hikes to search of food and water.

Way of life: Live in small groups (2-5 animals) which join together in winter to form large herds. Of all species in the genus Gazella the Persian gazelle spreads furthest northwards

Danger: endangered (IUCN 2008)

Breeding program: There is a European Monitoring Programme (Mon) in which Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo takes part

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