Red Panda


Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens fulgens)

Don‘t pandas look differently?

Hearing the word "panda" most people visualize a large black-and-white bear. The lesser panda which is also called red panda or red cat-bear not only resembles a raccoon but is also closely related to it. The name "panda" was given to them by the Europeans who explored East Asia in the 19th century. Perhaps they derived it from the Nepalese word POONJA which can be translated to "bamboo paw". Bamboo is the favorite food of both.


Category: Mammal

Size: head to barrel 51-63 cm; tail 28-48 cm

Age: 14 years

Sexually mature: at 18 months

gestation period: 112-158 days

food: Bamboo (80%), grass, acorns, roots, berries, lichens, bird eggs, young birds

habitat: bamboo, rhododendron, acorn forests up to 2200-4800 m above sea level

Breeding program: There is a European Conservation Breeding Programme (EEP) in which Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo participates

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