Sika deer


Sika deer (Cervus nippon pseudaxis)

Depend on humans

The Vietnamese sika deer is almost exterminated in its area of origin. The remaining livestocks live in gates in national parks (Cuc-Phuong, Cat-Ba and Ba-Vi) and are now under strict prodection. There are also many sikas on deer farms in Vietnam.


Category: Mammal

Weight: up to 80 Kilogramm

Size: head to barrel length 95 and 140 cm, shoulder height 64 to 100 cm

Age: 15 -20 years

gestation period: ca. 7 month, 1-2 calves

food: Buds and shoots, leaves, berries, fruits. In wetlands also reeds, bulrushes and aquatic plants.

habitat: Forests with dense undergrowth. However, they also occur in wetlands.

Way of life: Adult males are loners for most of the year while females and animals come together in groups of two to ten and rarely fifty animals.

Danger: The subspecies Vietnamese sika is extinct in the wild (red list: extinct in the wild)

Breeding program: The European Conservation Breeding Programme (EEP) is coordinated by Berlin Zoo which also leads the International Breeding Book.

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