White-tailed porcupine


White-tailed porcupine (Hystrix leucura)

In service of defense

Their dress of spines turns porcupines into a less welcoming pray for predators. The effect is increased by their typical defensive behaviour: at alarm the spikes bristle up and the animals appear as twice as large. If the threat persits they will rattle their tail. If  the predator kepps approaching anyways the porcupine turns to its back and ramps its spines into the enemy's body. Being in extreme distress, porcupines are able to fire off certain quills. The intruded spines get off the porcupine's back easily.


Category: Mammal

Size: head to barrel 46-93 cm; tail 6-17 cm

Age: 20 years

Sexually mature: at 6-19 month

gestation period: 93-105 days

food: bulbs, roots, fruits, bark, leaves, also crops

habitat: dry and rocky areas from sea level to 3500 m above sea level

Danger: not endangered

distribution area