Common dwarf shrew


Common dwarf shrew (Suncus etruscus)

With only 2 - 3 g body weight and 5 cm body length the common dwarf shrew shares the title of „smallest mammal of the world“ with the bumblebee bat. It offers a number of superlatives: with up to 1300 beats per minute and up to 900 breaths per minute it is the "top" of the the animal kingdom.
Thanks to their high metabolism common dwarf shrews are constantly looking for food and eat up to 15 crickets or mealworms per day - wich comes to 1.5 times their own body weight!

Category: Mammal

Weight: 2 - 3 g

Size: up to 5 cm

Age: up to 3 Years

Reproduction: 27 days, 2-6 cubs per litter, weaning after 17-20 days

gestation period: 27 - 28 days

food: insects, invertebrates

habitat: sparse forests, bush-covered areas, grasslands

Danger: not endangered

distribution area