Edwards‘s pheasant


Edwards‘s pheasant (Lophura edwardsi)

Depend on humans

Edward's pheasants are already considered extinct in their area of origin because of habitat destruction and hunting. About 1000 birds are in human care. One day it is hoped to resettle them back into their area of origin - when the needed living consitions are restored. The Nature Conservation Zoo Görlitz paticipates in the international breeding programme.



Category: Birds

Size: 58-65 cm, hen a bit smaller

Age: 10 years

Sexually mature: 58-65 cm, hen a bit smaller

Reproduction: 4-7 eggs, 21 days

food: berries, seeds, buds, insects, spiders

habitat: damp mountain forests up to 600m with dense undergrowth.

Danger: strongly endangered (CR), probably exterminated

Breeding program: There is a European Conservation Breeding Programme (EEP) in which Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo participates

distribution: originally endemic to Central Vietnam

distribution area