Red-and-green macaw


Red-and-green macaw (Ara chloroptera)

Spectacle in the rainforest

When the sun rises and touches the steep cob wall of the upper Tambopata River (Peru) an amazing natural spectacle begins. The cob wall becomes a pulsating palette of red, blue, yellow and green because more than 1000 red-and-green-winged macaws and other parrots clamor around the best cob sites. They contain a high concentration of vital minerals that the parrots need but do not get enough of from their fool. That is why they pick up this cob.


Category: Birds

Size: beak to tail 95 cm; wingspan: 80-90 cm

Breeding duration: 24-26 days

Age: max. 60 years

Sexually mature: with 5 years

Reproduction: 2-3 eggs

food: fruits, nuts, seeds, berries and vegetable-like plants, mineral soil

habitat: tropical rainforest along the rivers and forest edges

Danger: endangered

distribution area