Crane (Grus grus)



In the zoo you can experience a terrific spectacle in spring just like in traditional mating areas of the crane. The couple circles around each other, take a bow, bob their bodys up and down and pick up objects from the ground which they then throw behind their backs.They repeatedly jump gracefully into the air. Then they face each other with their wings widespread and trumpet loudly with their beaks pointing skywards. The distinctive call is enabled by a loop-shaped elongated trachea.


Category: Birds

Size: beak to tail 96 119 cm; wingspan 185-220cm

Breeding duration: 35 days

Age: in captivity up to 40 years

Sexually mature: with 4-6 years

Reproduction: 1-3 eggs

food: cereals, fruits, acorns, plants, insects, snails, frogs, lizards, mice

habitat: forest bogs, swamps, quarry forests

Danger: not endangered

distribution area