Peacock (Pavo cristatus)

Vain like a peacock?

Peacocks have been kept in parks due to their gorgeous plumage for 3000 years. Particulally eye-catching are their tail feathers which are decorated with eye spots and can be put up into a fan. Peacocks also showcase their tail feathers in their natural habitat, the woods and jungles of Southeast Asia. They tremble and rattle with their feathers. That way they want to impress hens as well as rivals and thus show their health, strength and beauty.


Category: Birds

Size: beak to tail: ♂ 220 cm, of which train is up to 150 cm; ♀ 95 cm, tail approx. 35 cm

Breeding duration: 28-32 days

Age: up to 30 years

Sexually mature: up to 2 years

Reproduction: 4-8 eggs

food: green parts of plants, seeds, small animals up to mouse size

habitat: jungle, close to the water

Danger: not endangered

distribution: the blue peacock originally comes from the Indian subcontinent, nowadays it can be found worldwide in parks, etc.

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