Whooper swan


Whooper swan (cygnus cygnus)

Noble communication artists

Whooper swans owe their name to their multitude of calls. So you can hear a "gigigi" to welcome fellow species and a "ga" or "go" during resting periods. The sounds od every individual are unique. It is easy tell them apart looking at the beak of the white swan. While it has a reddish beak with black wax skin the whooper swan has a black beak with yellow skin.


Category: Birds

Size: head to tail length 145cm-150cm, wing length 59-61cm, wingspan 200cm

Breeding duration: 35 days

Age: 20 years

Sexually mature: with 4 years

Reproduction: 4-5 eggs

food: aquatic plants, grasses, roots

habitat: shallow water lakes with rich vegetation

Danger: not endangered

distribution: subarctic Eurasia (from Iceland, Scandinavia to Siberia). Meanwhile also brood populations south of the ancestral distribution area.

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