Laughing thrush


Laughing thrush (Dryonastes courtoisi)

Highly threatened chatterbox

Habitat destruction and wild captures for animal trade have reduced the number of laugh thrushes to about 250 in the wild. About 150 live in zoos. There is an international breeding programme for these charasmatic birds, which fly into the wood i groups to look for food and never stop chattering while doing that.

Category: Birds

Age: max 23 years old

Sexually mature: 1 Year

Reproduction: breeding time 13-14 days, 3 -4 eggs

food: Invertebrates, seeds

Way of life: Evergreen mixed forests and adjacent bush landscapes also in the vicinity of settlements; diurnal activity; very social and also occurring in colonies.

Danger: critically endangered, only about 250 birds in the wild

Breeding program: There is an international (ISB) and a European conservation breeding programme (EEP) in which Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo participates

distribution: South-East China (Wujiang County, Jiangxi Province)

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