Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus)

In the steppe-areas of Australia budgerigars live in large swarms of up to several thousand birds. They often have to travel long distances searching for food and water. Traveling in such a large flock has several advantages for the birds: several pairs of eyes see more than one. Therefore food and enemies are detected faster. In addition predators have difficulties concentrating on single individuals in such a huge flock which is why hunting is often unsuccessfull.


Category: Birds

Size: beak to tail 20 cm; wingspan 25 cm

Age: max. 16 years

Sexually mature: at 3-4 month

Reproduction: 6 eggs, breeding duration: 18-20 days

food: grass and herb seeds, insects

habitat: Savannas

Danger: not endangered

distribution: Australia

distribution area