Blue-fronted amazon


Blue-fronted amazon (Amazona aestiva)

Conflicting relationships

Blue-fronted amazons either benefit or experience damage from humans. On the one hand, arable lands provide an additional source of food. In particular corn and sunflower fields and fruit plantations helf to overcome times of low nutritional resources. But blue-fronted amazons are also persecuted by humans. Farmers shoot them because of the damage they cause on their fields and hundreds of thousands are being captured for animal trade. They also suffer from deforestation of breeding trees and the overgrazing of meadows by cattle herds.

Category: Birds

Size: beak to tail 37cm; wingspan 18cm

Brood: 2-4 eggs

Breeding duration: 23-25 days

Sexually mature: at 5 years old

food: seeds, nuts, fruits, berries

habitat: rainforests, savannah

Danger: not endangered

distribution area