Horsfield's tortoise


Horsfield's tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii)

Extremity loss?

The Horsfield's tortoise (Agrionemys horsfieldii) also known as Central Asian or Russion tortoise only has four toes on the front feet. Characteristic for Horsefield's tortoises is the creation of caves. The flat body structure shows clear adaptation to the digging lifestye.

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Category: other

Weight: up to 2kg

Size: 23cm (female) and 18cm (male)

Age: 60-80 years

Sexually mature: from 15 cm height

Reproduction: mating shortly after hibernation, 2-6 eggs, incubation period between 60 and 105 days

food: plant material containing crude fiber

habitat: deserts and steppes with sparse vegetation. Horsefield's turtles sleep a lot! In addition to the 2-5 month winter hibernation there is a summer rest which enables the animals to survive the hot, food-poor season in their home biotopes. In the wild, this summer rest often connects directly to hibernation

Danger: endangered

distribution: Russia, Central Asia