Open daily 9 a.m to 6 p.m

Close to nature and lovingly designed


Zoo Görlitz-Zgorzelec with its five hectares belongs to the smaller zoos in Germany. Special attention is paid to the quality of animal husbandry and customer service. Around 500 animals and over 100 different species are presented in close to nature and lovingly laid out enclosures. In addition to the intensive promotion of the preservation of nature as well as the preservation of endangered wildlife species and old domestic breeds fascinating animal contacts and eperiences are also a part of the range task. For example, many accessible enclosures give the opportunity to meet ibex, deer and great grey kangaroo.


Many Highlights

are waiting to be discovered. In Görlitz Zoo the only Tibetan village in Europe with authentically rebuilt houses and traditional animals can be found. The explorer barn with indoor playing opportunities and themed playgrounds are not only fun for children they can also playfully learn about topics such as globalization and sustainability. This can be experienced e.g.  on the UNESCO-rewarded domestic animal playground which shows the cycle of milk.

The zoo-owned snack bar "Food Box" with regional and sustainable products that can be enjoyed on our sundeck with an all-round view of the zoo rounds off the visit gastronomically.