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...that Ursus Thibetanus (Tibetan blue bear) is the bear species most exploited by us humans and affected by illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss?

With the future bear enclosure in Görlitz, we are doing educational work and are commited to on-site-protection measures for Tibetan bears in their natural distribution areas

Our two Tibetan bears "Mischa" and "Franz" will become ambassadors of this campaign.

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Our Tibetan bear project

The new facility for Tibetan bears harmoniously fits into the atmosphere of the Tibetan village, enriching its structure. The enclosure includes: buildings designed in the Tibetan style, fences made of stone and inconspicuous fences, a pond, natural relief structures, vegetation and many opportunities for bear activities. All this gives the spacious catwalk a natural character.

The exhibition, adjacent to the enclosure, raises problematic issues such as illegal trade in wild fauna and flora, traditional Asian medicine and the related risks of infection with zoonotic diseases. Zoo-education at the facility provides knowledge on the biology of bear reproduction and hibernation, as well as on species conservation. It should be emphasized here that we are one of the first zoos to take part in the newly launched EEP (ex-situ) program for Tibetan bears. We also support in-situ projects in the bears' area of origin.

Construction diary

Construction of the new Tibet bear enclosure is expected to begin in spring 2024.
We will regularly provide information about the status of construction work here.

Bear report

Future residents of the Tibetan bear enclosure

The young bear “Mischa”, born on January 15th, 2022 in the Czech Zoo Chleby, and “Franz”, born on New Year’s Eve 2022 in the Dessau Zoo, will move into the Tibet bear enclosure in Görlitz.

In their home zoos, the agile young bears spend their time exclusively with their mothers, as father animals can become a threat to the young animals. 

Socializing with rhesus monkeys will enliven the enclosure, especially during the bears' hibernation period.

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Species protection

Tibetan bear-Himalaya

Tibetan bears are classified as “vulnerable” by the IUCN. Experts assume that the population will collapse by 40% in many areas over the next 30 years. The reason behind it is the loss of habitat and poaching.

Tibetan bears are killed for their gallbladder, fur and paws to be used in traditional Asian medicine. The poachers receive high prices for these products on the black market.

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in creating a fantastic new home for our ambassador Tibet bears "Mischa" and "Franz". 

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