Biodiversity is something worth protecting and I hope the next generations will read this one day: "This species has been brought back to nature from the brink of extinction by the European Zoo Community."

Tomas Ouhel, M.Sc, Liberec Zoo

Chairman of the EAZA Silent Forest Campaign Group



We think so too! That is why the Görlitz nature conservation zoo supports the following species protection campaigns:

Species of the year campaign


The “Species of the Year” campaign launched in 2016 by the Zoological Society for Species and Population Protection (ZGAP), the “Deutsche Tierparkgesellschaft e.V.” (DTG) and the Association of Zoo Supporters (GDZ)

for the conservation of endangered but so far little noticed animal species.

The unique thing about the campaign is the association of strong partners in species and nature conservation so that the protection of the "Species of the Year" is not only promoted but something can actually be done locally with financial support.

The respective „Species of the year" is chosen anew every year and selected conservation projects are supported.

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Species conservation donation

EAZA Silenz Forest - Campaign


The EAZA and its member institutions have been contributing to the conservation of endangered species and ecosystem for decades. EAZA-campaigns are unique tools to attract attention, provide inspiration and to motivate institutions and individuals to become active. In order to achieve success, EAZA SILENT FOREST - campagne takes us to the Sunda islands, shining a light on a particuarly special group of animals: Songbirds.

Lots of the most spectacular songbirds are on the brink of extinction.


Silent Forest Campaign

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