Here you can find our visitor regulations.

ALL tickets are personal and non-transferrable!

Day Admissions

Adults: €9.90

Discounted*: €6.90

Dogs**: €2.90

Season Tickets

can only be bought in our online ticket shop!
Please select the index-tab "Dauerkarten".

Adults:   €38.90

Discounted*:  €19.90

Dog:  €9.90

Valid for 12 months. The purchase of a season ticket does not justify a claim to the daily opening of the zoo during the period of validity of the season ticket. Non-transferable. SZ and Kulturinsel-Kombi-Cards are currently not available.


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You can also pay by bank- and credit card!

*discounted=children (3 to 16 years), pupils, students, trainees, volunteers, severely handicapped people 
One escort for a handicapped person gets free entry.

**Dogs = no other pets like cats, guinea pigs, ferrets etc.


Nursery-school, kindergarten: for each "beginning" group of five children one supervisor gets free entry

School classes: for each "beginning" group of ten children one supervisor gets free entry

Family pass holder of the city of Görlitz:
> 50% discount

Annual ticket holders of the zoos of Zittau, Weißwasser, Bischofswerda oder Hoyerswerda:

20% discount off all tickets

Zoo-educational offers

Prices plus the day admission.
On weekends and public holidays: double the offer price 

Lessons / guided tours / children's birthday up to 1h: € 30.00

Lessons / guided tours up to 2 hours: € 60.00

Project churning butter / Tsampa 1h: € 45.00

Maximum number of participants in lessons / guided tours: 30 people
Biology lessons / guided tours from secondary level I are only possible on Thursdays.
Please send us your request at least 2 weeks before the desired date!

We reserve the right to cancel guided tours or lessons if the participants repeatedly behave excessively loudly or in violation of the visitor regulations. Only the supervisors (teachers, daycare teachers, parents etc.) are responsible for educational measures.

 Teaching aids can also be found here: downloads

Exclusive Animal Encounters

Red pandas: 149 € / person plus admission

Eastern grey kangaroos: 79€ / person plus admission

Banded mongoose: 59€ / person plus admission

Bactrian camel: 49€ / person plus admission

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Other offers

Prices plus the day admission


Rental barbecue pavilion:
15.00 € / hour, only during opening hours!

You have to bring your own food and charcoal in case of using the pavilion.

Please send us your request at least 2 weeks before the desired date!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Online Booking Request

Thanks for your support!

€0.50 of your day admission goes right into our new building projects!

€0.25 of your day admission will be used for nature and species conservation projects outside the zoo!

Traveling by public transport protects the environment and your wallet! :)

Funded by the city of Görlitz and the cultural area of Upper Lusatia-Lower Silesia.