Our near-natural stone slope is home to alpine ibexes and alpine marmots. The facility was rebuilt in 2017 so that visitors can now walk on a specially created path. That allows a close-up insight into the lives of the residents. A visitor's bench invites you to linger a while. After the zoo closes it is also often used by the enclosures residents. 

The social behavior of the imposing alpine ibex with its over one meter longhorns, the slightly smaller females and the playful young animals can be observed wonderfully. When you return to the festival meadow and you take a closer look you can also spot one or two marmots between the rocky outcrops.

Winter mood in the Görlitz Alps
Be very close to the action!
Our visitors like it on the bench.
The imposing male presents himself up close ...
... the marmot is a bit more shy ...
... but for food it dares out of its aisles.

Next to the alpine slope there is the aviary of our griffon vulture. Did you know what an enormous wingspan griffon vulture have? In front of our vulture silhouette you can try out how far you can stretch your own arms.
Real insights into the exciting everyday life of field biologists are offered in the walk-in research hut. Through the half-open hut the vultures can be observed from a bench without any lattice fence. Ornithological literature, hammocks and binoculars provide the appropriate flair. A live camera delivers exclusive pictures from the vulture nest. With a little luck the next generation will be raised there.