Alternative barn indoor playground

Our barn for explorers has a very special history. In 2011 it was dismantled from its original location in Zeißig near Hoyerswerda and reassembled in our zoo as an alternative indoor barn playground. The Rotary Club Görlitz came up with the idea to protect the scrap wood barn from decay to reuse it in the Görlitz Nature Conservation Zoo. From the very beginning the club has been involved in this project and supported it ideally and financially.

In 2014 the "new old" barn was officially opened. A large world of games and discoveries awaits visitors on three floors: from role-playing games in the kitchen and weaving mill to secret passageways, slides, climbing wall, hammocks, "chilling out" in a teepee and even a Cinderella dovecote. Of course typical animal attic inhabitants should not be missing!


The explorer's barn with its new contents has become a wonderful link between the Upper Lusatian Farm and the Tibetan village. Together with the milk playground it is part of the "Sustainable Agriculture in Tibet and Germany" project.