visitor terrace with a sundeck completed our zoo's own "Food Box" snack bar in 2017. It is an 8 m tall wooden plank construction that continues the sustainability concept of the nature conservation zoo (wood as a natural material) and the character of the Oberlausitzer farm. Strollers and wheelchair users can reach the visitor terrace through sloping access roads because it is barrier-free. The created seating and viewing options allow an excellent view over the farm's petting enclosure and the playground - ideal conditions to strengthen yourself outside the reach of our free-range animals like chickens and bronze turkeys with coffee and cake and still keep an eye on your protégés!

Especially on beautiful, busy summer days the sundeck invites you to linger. And if it does get uncomfortable there are another 150 seats underneath the sundeck-safe protection from rain and storm. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to be even more weather-independent at our events in the future.


We are happy to provide the space for externally organized parties, concerts and other events. Just send us an inquiry or give us a call!

View over the Upper Lusatian farm.
View over the milk playground
View over the explorer's barn