In our zoo there are some good jumpers to discover. The best ones live at the end of the beech avenue - it is the Eastern Gray Kangaroos that can jump up to 13.5m! The jump playground which opened in 2018 is located nearby the kangaroo's enclosure.

Here, knowledge about the topics of locomotion and reproduction is conveyed in a playful way. In the sand jumping pit you try do your best first and then compare your jumping ability with that of some other zoo inhabitants. After that you can also go to the eight-meter-long trampoline track. With the support of the trampoline, you can feel like a very good jumper yourself. Our drinking water fountain ensures refreshment at all times. And when you get tired climb into the bag of the larger-than-life kangaroo statue and rest well protected like a young kangaroo.

Exciting facts about locomotion and reproduction are hidden all over the playground. For example, did you know that even though kangaroos are the largest mammals in Australia their babies are smaller than a gummy bear at birth? Or that female kangaroos are often triple-bearing? Or that some grasshopper males prevent their females from mating with other partners?

There are several flap games as well. For example, you have to guess how far you could jump if you had the jumping power of a fleas, a rabbits and so on. Or you can take a look at the detailed information boards to find out exactly what is going on in a kangaroo's pouch and how our gray giants actually use their four legs to get around.