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A short bear report showing progress on the construction of a new enclosure for Tibetan bears and information on how you can support us. 

June 2024

Second time went well! Two-year-old Tibetan bear Mischa made it without a hitch this time from the Chleby Zoo in the Czech Republic to her Bavarian holiday resort, Zoo Augsburg

After initial hesitation, Mischa has now familiarized herself with her new surroundings. However, contact with her future partner Franz has so far only been possible through a "cuddle grate". They are still reacting to each other with hissing and growling.

Of course, we hope that great sympathy will develop between them very quickly.

In our zoo, a large-format information board with various illustrations of the individual enclosure sections provides information about the new Tibetan bear enclosure at the enclosure's location

May 2024

Our enclosure for Tibetan bears is not finished yet, but we already have two future residents of this enclosure: one-year-old Tibetan bear Franz from the zoo in Dessau and two-year-old bear Mischa from the Czech zoo in Chleby. The couple will soon start their summer vacation in Bavaria, or more precisely in Augsburg Zoo, where they will live until our enclosure is completed.

Franz has already moved into the newly renovated Augsburg bear enclosure on April 17, 2024. Unfortunately, he is still alone because an incident occurred while Mischa was transported, making it difficult to get there. The car had to go back and Mischa temporarily returned to her birthplace.

The second transport date is currently June 4. Everyone involved is very excited to see how Franz and Mischa will react to each other's presence...

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