No space for your own pet? 

Then adopt one!

By adopting an animal, you support Zoo Görlitz in a very personal way in improving the housing conditions for the animals in the zoo.

In recent years we have built new, spacious enclosures for or modified existing ones. But there are still enclosures that need to be changed in the interests of our animals.

With an exclusive sponsorship... take over godparenthood for an individual animal at the zoo

  • you get a certificate digitally or by mail,
  • a profile to download about your animal,
  • and on request during your visits to Görlitz zoo, information from zookepers about the life of your protégé.
  • You will be informed about changes in and on the enclosure as well as changes with your sponsored animal.


take on an exclusive animal sponsorship


All sponsorships can be awarded multiple times!

Do you need advice or help in taking over a sponsorship?

Then write an E-Mail to and we will get in touch with you.


No way to complete the sponsorship through Tivents?

Of course, a monetary donation and a sponsorship contribution is still possible by transferring it to our donation account at the Sparkasse, but this may take a little longer to process.

Please fill out our online form to issue the sponsorship documents.

Application form for exclusive sponsorship

Did you know?

Sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible for you as a donation!

Your donation is tax deductible. The account statement can be used as a receipt up to a sum of 200€, provided that it contains the note “donation” in the reason for payment.

In addition, and upon request, we would be happy to issue you with a donation receipt. Please let us know your complete address so that we can issue and send you a donation receipt.

Apply for a donation receipt